Paul Gauguin Collection at

Discover the unique and provocative world of Paul Gauguin, showcased in the oil painting category at Gauguin, a leading figure of the Post-Impressionist movement, is celebrated for his experimental use of color and departure from realism that influenced the Symbolist art movement and laid the groundwork for Primitivism.

Within our collection, explore Gauguin’s journey from France to the exotic landscapes of Tahiti and the Marquesas Islands, which profoundly influenced his style. His works, characterized by bold colors, strong lines, and mystical subjects, evoke a raw, emotional power that challenges traditional European sensibilities.

The DaFen Village Art Studio is proud to host reproductions and interpretations of Gauguin’s masterpieces, crafted by our skilled artists who honor his legacy with every brushstroke. Each painting in this category captures the essence of Gauguin’s quest for simplicity, purity, and expressive richness in art.

Join us at to delve into the vibrant and soul-stirring universe of Paul Gauguin’s oil paintings, a tribute to his unending quest for deeper meaning and beauty in the natural world. Whether you are a collector, a scholar, or an art enthusiast, this collection offers a comprehensive look at Gauguin’s profound impact on the art world.