Chosen Frame(Optional)
Frame1 Al alloy W:0.5cm
Frame2 W:5cm/2in
Frame3 W:9cm/3.5in
Frame4 W:8cm/2.4in
Frame5 W:8cm/3in
Frame6 W:2cm/0.8in
Frame7 W:5cm/2in
Frame8 Al alloy W:0.5cm
Frame9 W:0.5cm
Frame10 W:4cm
Frame11 W:6cm
Frame12 W:9cm
Frame13 W:1cm
Frame14 wood W:8cm
No.16:wood w:5cm
No.17:wood w:8cm
No.18:wood w:5cm
No.19:wood w:5cm
No.20:wood w:7cm
No.21:wood w:6.5cm
No.22:wood w:9cm
No.23:wood w:5cm
No.24:wood w:5cm
No.25:wood w:5cm
No.26:wood w:2.5cm
No.27:wood w:4cm
No.28:wood w:4cm
No.29:wood w:4cm
No.30:wood w:7.5cm
SIZE (w X h)--With frame is the art size plus two frame width
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40cm x30cm
15.76in x 11.82in
50cm x 40cm
19.7in x 15.76in
60cm x 50cm
23.64in x 19.7in
90cm x 60cm
35.46in x 23.64in
100cm x 75cm
39.4in x 29.55in
120cm x 90cm
47.28in x 35.46in
custom paintings
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Vase with Irises ,Vincent van Gogh
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